AVSC Security Guidelines

In order to keep our customers safe from any type of spams and scams, we present below some important Security Guidelines that will instruct you in how to recognize which emails are reliably coming from us:

  • Origin of the Message
    The origin of our emails come exclusively from our server - www.abbeyvillasoccer.com, so if you look on the details of the email message you will see a field called 'From:' that shows the origin of the email, the value of the From: field should be exclusively: From: Abbey Villa S.C <club@abbeyvillasoccer.com>. So, if you have any doubt if an email is from us, look at the details of the email where the From address is shown and check. ALL emails in the name of AVSC coming from servers different than abbeyvillasoccer.com should be marked as SPAM.

  • Content of the Message
    Emails that require attention and action from our users will always request for them to log in on their accounts directly on our website www.abbeyvillasoccer.com. So, if you have already checked the Origin of the Message by looking the From: field of the email address and the email address listed on the From: field is different than club@abbeyvillasoccer.com - avoid clicking on any link and go online directly on our website, log in on your account and check your balances.

  • Sensitive Information
    As an additional security measure, we do not store sensitive information such as Social Security or Credit Card information on our website.

For any other inquiries please send email directly to club@abbeyvillasoccer.com,

Abbey Villa S.C.