Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help and answer any of your questions or concerns.

⚪ your child comes first at all times
⚪ your child is taught to always show respect – win, lose or tie
⚪ your child gets individual attention
⚪ your child is encouraged to reach their potential in an environment where the only expectation is to give your best effort and have fun
⚪ you want your child to develop a love of the beautiful game
⚪ you want your child to develop superior foot skills and first touch
⚪ you want to have easy access to your child’s coach and trainer
⚪ you want your child to play on a team which is setup to play together for the long term while not changing its coach/trainer every season
⚪ you want your child to be able to continue to grow in other non soccer activities with a club that encourages it

Contact Des Rice at Depending on the time of year, your child may be able to attend training or tryout for an appropriate team.

We believe that at youth level, winning and losing games is not an important aspect of individual player development. We want our players to be comfortable on the ball, free to express themselves and try new techniques in games, not just training. By deemphasizing winning and not trying to win at all costs, we let players truly grow as individuals.

Our regionalized training centers, RTCs, allow us to offer our unique player development methods across different regions. This allows players who want to get the AVSC experience the option to train locally and play regionally.

Teams generally train twice per week throughout Spring and Fall. Each session is 1.5 or 2 hours long. During Winter we generally train once per week.

We utilize several locations throughout MetroWest, Greater Lowell and eastern Massachusetts. Find your Regional Training Center, for more details or view a complete list of facility locations.

YES! We encourage children to be involved in many sports, but also recognize the benefits of playing soccer and continuing to touch the ball throughout the entire year to fully develop their soccer potential. Abbey Villa S.C. will work with parents to make this happen.

⚪ Spring: March to mid-June
⚪ Fall: August – mid December
⚪ Winter: mid December to February

During Spring and Fall Abbey Villa S.C. teams play in the NEP and NEC

Games are played generally on Sundays.

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