⚽ You are representatives of the club and your actions reflect on all of us.
⚽ Profane or vulgar language is not acceptable in any situation.
⚽ Respect all league officials. Berating referees during games is counterproductive (leagues have procedures in place for grievances).
⚽ Make sure you and your player thank the referees after each game.
⚽ Refrain from making negative comments to any player, coach, or parents.
⚽ Notify the club’s senior staff of any incident that may compromise the integrity of the team or club.
⚽ Take responsibility for player conduct on the field.
⚽ Motivate and teach with positive reinforcement – “They may not remember what you said, but they always remember how you made them feel.”
⚽ Act dignified in the face of any result – win, lose or draw.


⚽ Arrive early to training and games.
⚽ Prepare a well thought out training plan for every session to create a training environment that produces the best teaching moments.
⚽ Make sure all players are properly outfitted before training and games.
⚽ Treat all players fairly and equally.
⚽ Strive to challenge, motivate and support each player in attaining their next level of proficiency.
⚽ Communicate effectively with your players and their parents by designating times when you are available to discuss issues and concerns with them as a group or individually when appropriate.
⚽ Teach the “Abbey Villa S.C. Way” of playing the game – our curriculum is what makes us unique.
⚽ Provide honest and thoughtful player evaluations.
⚽ Coordinate tournament activities with your Team Manager and Senior Club Staff.


⚽ Players will show proper respect to coaches at all times, including accepting a coach’s decision and taking direction in a timely fashion on the field without incident, gestures or antics.
⚽ Players will treat their teammates with proper respect at all times, including encouragement and support rather than negative comments (“Don’t worry about it, keep playing.” is better than “OMG! What are you doing?” and the like). If someone makes a good play let them know it.
⚽ Profane or vulgar language is not acceptable in any situation.
⚽ Players should report any injuries to the coach immediately.
⚽ Do not abuse the referees. Negative comments made directly or indirectly are not acceptable and can only hurt the team.
⚽ Refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct (for example: if you are raising your voice in anger to anyone you are in the danger zone, body language and gestures can be unacceptable, think before you act, be gracious when you lose, and keep celebrations to a minimum when you win).
⚽ Respect opposing teams and their coaches – without opponents, there are no games.


⚽ Respect the game – know the laws of the game, play the game to the best of your abilities and within the rules.
⚽ Take your training seriously and give 100% attention and effort during the session.
⚽ Be prepared – arrive on time, dressed and equipped, ready to play or train (bring a ball, water and your training kit to training sessions and games, have both shirts in your bag for all games).
⚽ Players should strive to make at least 75% of scheduled training sessions excluding illness or injury (training sessions during the regular season are twice a week, players with special situations need to inform the coach before the first training session of the season).
⚽ Players should strive to make 100% of scheduled games excluding illness or injury (players who cannot make a particular game need to inform the coach with as much advance notice as possible).
⚽ With their value in player development and overall experience, players are expected to play in the majority of the tournaments a team enters.


⚽ When you attend games you are representatives of the club. Your actions reflect on all of us. Try to keep this in mind.
⚽ Show proper respect to all players, coaches and referees at all times.
⚽ Profane or vulgar language is not acceptable in any situation.
⚽ Do not openly dispute any judgment made by a referee in a game. Refrain from any conversation with the officials.
⚽ Never approach a coach in anger, especially on game day. Contact your manager and request a meeting on another day.
⚽ Do not coach from the sideline or attempt to position players (it can be confusing for players and is counterproductive for their development).
⚽ Be positive – offer support and encouragement to all Abbey Villa S.C. players on and off the field. Do not address the opposing coaches and players.
⚽ Interaction with parents of opponents should always be respectful (refrain from any negative discourse).