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AVSC’s full-time professional training staff, regional training centers and established, unique curriculum are the foundation of our philosophy to provide boys and girls with a playing environment where the development and improving of skills becomes second nature on a journey of learning and loving to play the games of soccer and futsal.

AVSC promotes “Total Football”

Total Football is promoted to Abbey Villa S.C. players from the earliest stages of soccer development. This concept is anchored in a methodology that encourages each player to be confident and creative while teams play a deliberate, controlled game. Games encompass and promote ball control, pass-ing, quick decision-making, and player movement off the ball as the key elements to success.

To this end, Abbey Villa S.C. strives to play possession soccer with a fast and furious pace, emulating the prowess of teams that excel at Total Football, like FC Barcelona, Ajax Amsterdam and, most recently, Manchester City.

“The Abbey Villa S.C. Way” of playing soccer is not what is traditionally taught here in the U.S., though the Total Football movement is gaining in recognition and popularity due to its success in player development.


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Our Philosophy

Our “total football” philosophy emphasizes developing complete players, technically and tactically, so they can perform in any situation on the field.

AVSC believes that kids should play soccer in a pressure-free environment to develop their soccer skills. Developing players should be allowed to express themselves with the ball and without any concern for making mistakes. This is a critical component to the challenging, but fun environment necessary for kids to develop their skill as well as their passion to play.


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